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List of Expert Tricks

Earn your Expert Trick Title by demonstrating 5 tricks from the following list of tricks.

You may also demonstrate more advanced tricks.

Advanced and Expert tricks count as 2 points each.

achoo! (fetch tissue from tissue box, throw in trash)
back up on stairs
balance beam: double rails
barrel roll (2 paws on top, dog rolls it, handler not touching)
barrel roll (dog walks on top, you can hold barrel)
barn hunt
bring me a soda from the fridge (open fridge, fetch, close)
climb a ladder
cover your eyes (quick swipe is OK)
cross your paws (usually lying down)
directed jumping
disc vault/ rebound off my leg, back, hip
distance work (6 behaviors, 12 ft/ 4 m away, treats between OK)
dock diving - expert version
find the object with my scent (6 identical objects)
fishing (rope with treasure hangs over ledge, dog pulls it up)
footsies (peekaboo with dog’s feet on my feet as I walk)
foot stall
get in suitcase
handstand against a wall or slant board
hoop jump over my back
hoop leg weave
hug (pick up teddy bear and hug it)
index cards (dog responds to written cue word)
jump rope
kennel up (open door, go in crate, close door)

laundry day

leg hike (lift rear leg onto object)
leg weave (backward)
limp (walk with front leg lifted, 3 steps)
litter in the step can
mailbox (open mailbox, fetch mail, close mailbox)
match to sample
moonwalk (back up in a bow position, 4 steps)
nose work box search (find/indicate a scent that is not food)
open a door (by using door handle)
orbit (circles backwards around your legs)
paintbrush painting (take brush from bucket and poke at easel)
paintbrush (replace paintbrush in bucket)
paw pods (place 4 feet deliberately on 4 targets)
piggybank (put coin in slot)
push a shopping cart
rainbow ladder (step backward through it, low height OK)
rainbow ladder (push a yoga ball through it)
retrieve over high jump (with formal hand delivery)
ring toss
roll yourself in a blanket
rolling hoop dive (you roll hoop, dog runs thru middle)
scootering / mushing
shell game (indicate with paw, sit/down, or nose-lock)
skateboard (3 or 4 paws on it)
stacking cups/bowls
through a hoop lying on the ground
tidy up your toys (including opening lid)
tracking (track a human scent trail)
treibball (send dog to counter the ball, push toward you 15 ft / 5 m)
walk on hind legs
weave poles (independent, no lure)

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