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List of Intermediate Tricks

Earn your Intermediate Trick Title by demonstrating 12 tricks from the following list of tricks.

You may also demonstrate more advanced tricks.

Advanced and Expert tricks count as 2 points each.

2-on/2-off peanut

2-on/2-off pull back on (pull front feet onto platform)


balance on top of ball or peanut (stabilized in a base)

balance on a small block (4 paws)

barrel racing (go out and around a cone or object)

baton jumping (jump a handheld bar)

blind jump /paper-covered hoop

blow bubbles in water bowl

carry my bag (7 sec.)

chute tunnel

close a door

crawl tunnel (low tunnel or row of chairs)

directional casting (send to specifically 1 of several platforms)

discern objects’ names (chose correct toy out of several)


figure-8s through my legs

flyball box / slant board swimmers turn

flying disc (catch in air)

hand signals (6 behaviors)

hold object in mouth (5 sec.)

honk a bike horn

jump through my circled arms

jumping figure 8s (over bar jump)

leg weave

mail carrier (take note to someone)

open a door

pawprint painting (paw at easel)

paws rest on my arm as I walk backward

peekaboo (remain between my legs while I walk)

pick a card from a deck

platform jump with hoop between platforms

pull on a rope

rainbow ladder; front paws only (luring OK)

roll over

side-step drill (front feet in magic square or object, rotate around it)

shake hands

shell game (nose at correct cup)

sit pretty / beg

soccer (push a ball)

stay (out-of-sight stay, 20 sec)

sustained nose-touch (4 sec)

target mark (go to flat/low mark or to magic square)

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