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List of Advanced Tricks

Earn your Advanced Trick Title by demonstrating 5 tricks from the following list of tricks.

You may also demonstrate more advanced tricks.

back stall

back up (5 ft/ 1.5 m)

bark the answer (what is 2+2? bark the answer)


broad jump

chorus line kicks (peekaboo alternating lifting paws)

counter (treibball, dog goes to opposite side of ball from me)

directed retrieve (3 identical gloves, point at one to retrieve)

distance work (3 behaviors, 10 ft away. OK to treat between each)

double hoop circle (2 hoops at my sides, dog circles me)

footsies (peekaboo, dog places paws on my feet)

head down (chin rest)

heel at left side, automatic sit

hide your head (under a pillow)

hug (hug a pole with front arms)

jump into my arms

jump over my back


mailbox: open lid, fetch mail

paintbrush painting (poke brush at easel)

phone (get the phone/toy when it rings)

pick up flat item (and give to handler)

place (circle behind me, sit at my left side)

play dead

play the piano

pull a wagon (pull rope attached to wagon)

rainbow ladder; rear paws only (luring OK)

remove my socks/slippers

say your prayers

side (swing finish to sit at my left)

side-step drill with front paws on a stabilized ball

skateboard (front paws only)

spin a tight circle on a small pedestal

tap light / desk bell / easy button

target mark (touch target with a rear foot)


tidy up toys (into an open box)

treibball (send dog to counter, push ball toward you 4 ft/ 1 m)

walk another dog


weight pull a cart or tire while wearing a harness

wipe your paws (dig at a doormat)

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