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List of Novice Tricks

Earn your Novice Trick Title by demonstrating 15 tricks from the following list of tricks.

You may also demonstrate more advanced tricks.

Advanced and Expert tricks count as 2 points each.


back up in a chute (5 ft/ 1.5 m)

balance beam

balance cookie on nose

bang game (smack a board)

bar jump

bow under a magic square

catch a toy in mid-air

cavalettis in an arc


crawl (5 crawl steps)


drop it

fetch (bring it near me)

find the hidden treats

flying disc (rolling on ground)

focus (hold eye contact 6 sec.)

hand signals (3 behaviors)

hide and seek (find me)

hoop jump

jump for joy (jump straight up)

jump over my knee

kennel up (send to crate)


leave it (10 sec)

loose leash walking (30 ft/ 9 m)

memory game (3 baskets)

muffin tin game

paws up on an object

pedestal (send from 3 ft/ 1 m)

peekaboo (between my legs)

platform jump (2 platforms)

rainbow ladder (trot through)

ring a bell to go outside

roll out a carpet with nose


speak (bark on cue)

spin circles

stacking (for conformation)


stay (6 ft/ 2 m, 10 sec)

target disc (nose-touch disc)

target stick (nose-touch stick)

touch my hand (nose-touch)


wall stand (front paws on wall)

which hand holds the treat?

wobble board

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