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Aashka x Kreo

12 puppies (5 girls, 7 boys) born Mar 19-20, 2024!

Aashka and Kreo are both service dogs in training with AWESOME temperaments.

Aashka is one of Elsie & Junior's pups from 2 years ago and is 3/4 GSD, 1/4 Belgian Malinois.

Kreo is 1/2 GSD, 1/2 Belgian Malinois.

Kreo's sire was imported from the Netherlands and was a

K9 Narcotics dog for Cottonwood PD.

Visit QCC's Available Dogs page for more info about Aashka and Kreo.

We've done Early Neurological Stimulation with the pups (performed days 3-16).​

Early Neurological Stimulation improves puppies’ stress responses by encompassing tactile stimulation, thermal stimulation and exposure to mild stressors.

The benefits of introducing early puppy stimulation exercises include:

Boosting brain development

Improving circulation and immune system

Stimulating the neurological system

Improving stress responses in later life 

Encouraging a daily physical check of each puppy

We've also done Early Scent Detection (also performed days 3-16) - scroll down to see the results!

Scent is the way puppies experience the world!

Introducing natural scents early on can help:

Create a more aware and alert dog, which, in return, should make an even better companion, service, and therapy dog. Studies have shown that stimulating puppies' scent ability early on has been proven to dramatically increase their scent ability later in life. 

Introduce puppies to new scents in a controlled way.

Improves scenting ability in later life.

Enhances confidence and stability as adults.

Reduce behavioural issues in the long term. 

Research has shown that when puppies are exposed to scent at this early age, they have an association and a recognition towards that specific scent.

Each puppy will be handled daily.  We will use the Misty Method of Potty Training starting around 3 1/2 weeks of age.  The puppies will be exposed to loud noises, experience confidence building exercises and will be introduced to crates and potty training, car rides, other dogs and more.  They will already be familiar with a collar and a leash by the time they go home around May 26th (when they are close to 10 weeks old, have been dewormed and have received their first set of vaccinations).

We want to make sure the puppies are going to loving, safe homes

and will be cared for like members of the family.  We want to understand what an owner's

"dealbreakers" might be when it comes to a puppy.  We also want to make sure all puppies

will be spayed/neutered.  These are things that we screen for during conversations as well as through our application.  Please download an application and email it back to us at  Please be sure to fill the application out in its entirety.  If you won't take the time to do so, we feel you've already indicated to us that you won't give a puppy or dog the time and attention it deserves.

Download Adoption Application

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Download Adoption Contract

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Litter pictures!


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